Julie Briggs
Julie Briggs, award winning television and radio interviewer, hosts “Your New Jersey Connection” and “Ask the Expert” on WMTR. A native of New Jersey, Julie is a political science graduate from Seton Hall University. She broadcast in San Diego and San Francisco and was formerly news anchor and news director of New Jersey Cable TV programs. She hosted Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal. Julie can be heard Sundays on WMTR Radio from 10am – 12 pm.


Sample From Over 3000 On-Air Guests:


U.S. Vice Presidents: Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle; U.S. Senators: Bob Dole, Frank Lautenberg, Bill Bradley, Robert Torricelli; U.S. Congressmen: Rodney Frelinghuysen, Michael Ferguson, William Pascrell, Scott Garrett, Paul Simon; N.J. Governors: Brendan Byrne, Thomas Kean, James Florio, Christie Todd Whitman, Donald Di Francesco, James McGreevy, Richard Cody, Jon Corzine; U.S.Attorney for N.J. Christopher Christie; N.J. State Senators: Anthony Bucco, John Adler, Gerald Cardinale, James Wallwork, Joseph Pennachio, William Gormley, Bob Martin, Thomas Kean Jr., Ray Lesniak, Leonard Lance, Loretta Weinberg; Former Secretary Of Defense Casper Weinberger; Senior Advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, author Pat Buchanan; Famous Clairvoyant M.B. Dykshoorn; World’s Foremost Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin; Assemblymen: Richard Merkt, Joseph Cryan, Alex DeCroce, Michael Patrick Carroll, John McKeon, Jon Bramnick, Neil Cohen, Thomas Giblin, Linda Stender, Jay Webber, Allison Littel McHose, Bonnie Watson Coleman; Columnists / Editors: Liz Parker, John Farmer, Paul Mulshine, Fran Wood, Fred Snowflack, Lorraine Ash, Mike Kelly; Authors: Joan Wester Anderson, Ruth Winter, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Dr. Peter Breggen, Betty Eadie, Gary Aldrich; Sports: Frank Gifford, Bart Oates, N.Y Giants, Ken Daneyko N.J. Devils: Mary Mulholland, Dope Open Founder, Actor Tony Randall, Father Joe Hennen, Day Top; County Sherrifs Ed Rochford, Jerry Speziale: Mary Jo Codey Depression/Breast Cancer, Dr. J. Fennelly State Bio Ethics: Dr Vincent Vicci, Dr. Arthur Winter, Neurosurgeon plus scores of doctors and alternative healers on heart, diabetes, cancer, etc. Judges: Reginald Stanton, John Dangler, Paul Armstrong,.plus leading N.J. Attorneys, mayors, school superintendants; Women in Communications Specialist Catherine Carlozzi; former N.J.State Commissioner of Education William Librera.


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